The Washington Times - March 8, 2009, 11:33AM

The hotel staff here in Charlottesville has come knocking on the door twice already, which only exacerbates the sort of morning it is. Blasted daylight saving time.

So I’ll get booted from here before long and be off to Richmond all too soon for the CAA semifinals. But I do have a mailbag item from loyal reader Slatter to pass along. Since it will take less than five minutes to research and answer, let’s get to it:


As you said in a post after the game, Virginia seems to sort of have our number. We all know how Miami has our number too since joining the ACC. Post-National Championship, what’s Gary’s record against each ACC team?

Time for a list; off we go:

Georgia Tech: 9-3 (.750)
N.C. State: 8-4 (.667)
Florida State: 6-4 (.600)
Virginia: 8-6 (.571)
Wake Forest: 6-5 (.545)
Clemson: 6-6 (.500)
North Carolina: 6-7 (.462)
Duke: 6-8 (.429)
Virginia Tech: 3-4 (.429)
Boston College: 2-5 (.286)
Miami: 2-6 (.250)

Take out 2003, and Maryland has actually won eight of its last 12 against Virginia. It just seems like the Cavaliers have the perfect answer to the Terps because of (a) the timing of those victories and (b) the ridiculous tendency for someone unexpected to enjoy a huge game against Maryland.

Also of note: Maryland gets N.C. State if the Terps are the No. 7 seed and Miami if the Terps are the No. 8 seed. Recent history is pretty clear as to which team Maryland would be better off facing.

—- Patrick Stevens