The Washington Times - March 9, 2009, 12:57PM

Just an FYI for all those loyal readers out there.

It looks like there will be a chat here Thursday at noon —- as I’m looking LIVE at the start of the ACC tournament in Atlanta.


So Maryland questions, ACC questions, bubble questions … feel free to send them in (as soon as I have a link, I’ll post it).

If you don’t, I’ll be left answering my own questions, like “What are the chances a tornado rips the roof off the Georgia Dome for the second straight year?” Clearly, that’s not nearly as much fun.

So do your best Jerome Lane and send them in. Questions, that is, and not anything to do with this great all-time clip.

(UPDATE: Here’s the link to submit questions in advance. Yes, I’m aware the mugshot on that page is both huge and incredibly lame. Yes, I’m aware that it’s more likely to scare away participants than encourage questions. These complaints have been noted and logged. But go ahead and ask questions anyway. I sure don’t want to run out of things to reply to before the under-16 timeout of the Miami-Virginia Tech game.)

—- Patrick Stevens