The Washington Times - March 9, 2009, 12:14PM

The last time Maryland walked off the court victorious, Greivis Vasquez left N.C. State fans with a little present.

Namely, a 3-pointer at the buzzer to turn an eight-point game into a 71-60 victory in Raleigh.


Needless to say, Wolfpack fans were none too pleased with this development. And by a matter of serendipity, N.C. State and Maryland will meet again Thursday in the ACC tournament.

This storyline never really developed legs up this way, for several reasons. Notably:

1) Snow the day after the State game zapped any availability in College Park

2) Any discussion on that day probably would have centered around Dave Neal‘s final home game, anyway

3) Two-thirds of what Gary Williams is getting asked about these days is the NCAA tournament

4) In many ways, it was Greivis being Greivis, and after three years you get to be a little immune to his activities —- especially since it was nowhere near as off-kilter as him cursing out his own fans back in January

But it popped up today on the ACC teleconference, and Williams was neither proud of nor particularly broken up about the incident. Instead, he did Hammurabi proud with his assessment of things more than a week later.

“I talked to him about that that shot. There’s no need for that,” Williams said. “My teams don’t do that, but he did take that shot. I just want to leave it at this. There were some things said to him that weren’t very nice. Anybody who had a seat at the game on press row would have heard them. Greivis shouldn’t have taken the shot, but at the same time I understand his feelings toward the end of that game.”

I remember some guy ranting nonstop about how Vasquez could only go to one hand, which made me wonder if somehow he’d solved the case of the murder of Richard Kimble‘s wife. But, no, Vasquez is not a one-armed man —- just a man armed with a jump shot who is willing to use it whenever fans tick him off.

And at this point in his career, those occasions aren’t very big stories at all.

  —- Patrick Stevens