The Washington Times - May 10, 2009, 10:46PM

In the first 38 NCAA lacrosse tournaments, seven schools managed to win a national title.

All seven —- plus recent heavyweight Duke —- advanced to the quarterfinals this weekend.


It probably shouldn’t be too surprising, since only one road team (Maryland) won in the first round.

But at the same time, it reinforces the sport’s provincial reputation.

It just isn’t crunch time in the tournament without Syracuse. Or Johns Hopkins. Or Virginia. Or (until the last few years) Princeton.

And if someone else is coming along for the ride, it’s only fair that it’s Cornell or Maryland or North Carolina. Or all of them.

So some numbers to chew on:

* Of the 38 national champions, the schools remaining account for 38 of those titles (100 percent).

* Of the 76 national finalists in tournament history, the schools remaining account for 71 of those appearances (93.4 percent). The finalists not included are 1975 Navy, 1990 Loyola, 1991 Towson, 2004 Navy and 2006 Massachusetts.

* Of the 152 final four teams in tournament history, the schools remaining account for 127 of those appearances (83.6 percent).

So sure, the game is growing. But as this weekend demonstrates, the elite will move on —- just like they always have.

—- Patrick Stevens