The Washington Times - May 13, 2009, 11:29AM

A little tidbit as the football and basketball offseasons roll along and there isn’t much for Maryland fans to obsess over besides recruiting and Greivis Vasquez‘s plans for next winter.

(Those are things, by the way, that seem like they could drive a person crazy if they fretted about them enough).


Anyway, just got confirmation that forward Landon Milbourne underwent surgery on his right ankle, a procedure done to clean out an area that was giving him discomfort.

Milbourne was one of four Terps who regularly kept their feet in strength and conditioning coach Paul Ricci‘s makeshift pool after games to take care of their ankles. By “makeshift,” I mean $8 tubs from Target.

The other guys, by the way, were Vasquez, Eric Hayes and Sean Mosley. Vasquez had ankle surgery last summer. Hayes missed a few games as a sophomore with a severe sprain. Mosley had the same thing happen last October.

With that in mind, Milbourne’s surgery isn’t really a shock.

In any case, Milbourne’s procedure sounds fairly run-of-the-mill, and a Maryland spokesman said he should be back to full strength around July 1.

By then, everyone will have an even better idea how much pressure will be on Milbourne’s ankles —- and shoulders —- entering his final season.

—- Patrick Stevens