The Washington Times - May 13, 2009, 06:45PM

Sunday could be quite the milestone day for Virginia lacrosse coach Dom Starsia.

The Hall of Famer has 10 final fours to his credit, which is a rather healthy number. He also has 299 victories to his names. Also a nice number.


But 300 is pretty sweet plateau, especially for a guy who is 57 and probably has a few more years of coaching in him if he so chooses.

He’s already fourth on the career victories list, and has a chance to get to No. 300 in a way a little more memorable than the three men in front of him:

Dick Garber, Massachusetts (300): Beat Starsia-coached Brown 21-18 on May 2, 1990; career ended two weeks later with NCAA tournament loss to Brown.

Dave Urick, Hobart/Georgetown (322): Beat Fairfield 8-7 on April 7, 2007. Not exactly a rivalry game; the Hoyas are 4-0 all-time against the Stags.

Jack Emmer, Cortland/Washington & Lee/Army (326): Beat Holy Cross 10-3 on March 11, 2003. Let’s just say a victory over the Crusaders isn’t quite the same as beating Navy.

If the Cavaliers do win the title this year, Starsia would become the first coach to win a national title after his 300th victory. Here’s where the 38 previous championship coaches line up with regard to the title game and their career victories total at the time:

259: Dom Starsia, Virginia (2006)
257: Roy Simmons Jr., Syracuse (1995)
231: Roy Simmons Jr., Syracuse (1993)
226: Dom Starsia, Virginia (2003)

194: Bill Tierney, Princeton (2001)
194: Roy Simmons Jr., Syracuse (1990)
181: Roy Simmons Jr., Syracuse (1989)
180: Dom Starsia, Virginia (1999)
Roy Simmons Jr., Syracuse (1988)
159: Bill Tierney, Princeton (1998)
158: Bob Scott, Hopkins (1974)
145: Bill Tierney, Princeton (1997)
130: Bill Tierney, Princeton (1996)
118: John Desko, Syracuse (2008)
108: Dave Pietramala, Hopkins (2007)
106: Richie Moran, Cornell (1977)
105: Bill Tierney, Princeton (1994)

100: Roy Simmons Jr., Syracuse (1983)
93: Richie Moran, Cornell (1976)
Dave Pietramala, Hopkins (2005)
John Desko, Syracuse (2004)
78: Bill Tierney, Princeton (1992)
Willie Scroggs, North Carolina (1986)
Bud Beardmore, Maryland (1975)
69: Henry Ciccarone, Hopkins (1980)
58: Bud Beardmore, Maryland (1973)
55: John Desko, Syracuse (2002)
55: Henry Ciccarone, Hopkins (1979)

47: Don Zimmerman, Hopkins (1987)
42: Henry Ciccarone, Hopkins (1978)
38: Willie Scroggs, North Carolina (1982)
32: Richie Moran, Cornell (1971)
29: Glenn Thiel, Virginia (1972)
27: John Desko, Syracuse (2000)
27: Don Zimmerman, Hopkins (1985)
24: Willie Scroggs, North Carolina (1981)
16: Dave Klarmann, North Carolina (1991)
14: Don Zimmerman, Hopkins (1984)

A couple quick notes on this.

One, Simmons is the only coach to reach his 100th or 200th career victory during a winning tournament run.

Two, there is a marked shift in championship teams having veteran coaches. Nine of the first 17 titles were won by guys with less than 50 career victories. It’s happened just once in the last 21 tournaments.

Meanwhile, only one of the first 17 titles was career win No. 150 or more for the victorious coach. That’s happened 10 of the last 21 years.

While Messrs. Simmons, Starsia and Tierney have everything to do with that, it is an intriguing trend.

—- Patrick Stevens