The Washington Times - May 14, 2009, 02:47PM

Mentioned over the weekend that the ACC sent all four of its teams to the NCAA quarterfinals for the first time ever.

It’s also the second time any league has sent four teams into the quarterfinals since the tournament began in 1971. The first was in 1990, when four Ivy League teams made the final eight. Yale advanced to the semifinals, while Brown, Harvard and Princeton all lost.


With Duke and North Carolina meeting, there’s no chance of an all-ACC final four; that’s a good thing, considering the final four is in the Boston area —- only nominally in the conference’s good ole’ “geographic footprint.”

But here’s a rundown of the leagues that have sent at least three schools to the quarterfinals in a given year, with eventual final four teams in italics:

1979 ACC: Maryland, Virginia, N.C. State

1981 ACC: Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland
1982 ACC: Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland
1983 ACC: North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia
1986 ACC: Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland

1992 Ivy: Princeton, Brown, Yale
1994 ACC: Virginia, Duke, North Carolina
1996 ACC: Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina
1997 ACC: Duke, Maryland, Virginia
1998 ACC: Maryland, Duke, Virginia

2000 ACC: Virginia, Duke, Maryland
2005 ACC: Duke, Maryland, Virginia
2008 ACC: Duke, Virginia, Maryland

—- Patrick Stevens