The Washington Times - May 15, 2009, 07:02PM

Not every road trip is seashells and balloons.

That, I fear, is not what tomorrow will be in traveling up to Long Island and back for the first day of the NCAA quarterfinals.


As a veteran of long drives throughout ACC country, the six- or seven-hour jaunt south is nothing new. But there’s been reason to drive north of Princeton Junction into the New York City area just twice in the last 10 years —- the 2007 East regional for basketball (Georgetown was involved) and again later that year for a Maryland-Rutgers football game.

So the ETD tomorrow is 6 a.m., which should be fine for a noon start. And the first game of the day, Maryland-Syracuse, certainly possesses some intrigue.

But make no mistake, it’s a long day. And that’s why my blogging for today is coming to a halt with this entry.

Catch y’all tomorrow from Hofstra, where the first two tickets to Foxboro(ugh) will be punched.

—- Patrick Stevens