The Washington Times - May 16, 2009, 01:50PM

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. —- While this hasn’t been Jason Carter‘s finest day, Syracuse’s 9-4 lead doesn’t have nearly as much to do with the Maryland goalie as it does his teammates on offense.

The reality is the Terps have simply been shut down, and the pressed-into-action Carter is basically an innocent bystander at this stage.


Maryland has neither shot well enough nor often enough, two things that aren’t mutually exclusive. And at this rate, it’s not going to matter; few teams outscore Syracuse by five over a 15-minute span.

Grant Catalino has played well, but it’s been a strikingly silent day for Travis Reed and Will Yeatman on the Maryland attack. Both of them are capable of a lot more than the quiet performances they’ve produced here on Long Island this afternoon.

Looks pretty safe to write Syracuse (and its horde of fans) into Foxboro(ugh) for next weekend. That’s good news for filling the seats at the final four, bad news for a Maryland team staring at its third quarterfinal loss in the last six years.

—- Patrick Stevens