The Washington Times - May 2, 2009, 09:02AM

From reading the recaps (including the Official Dotcom Diva‘s) of yesterday’s BCS hearings before a House subcommittee (well, more like a subcommittee of a subcommittee, since only three people actually asked questions), one comment really stood out to me.

That came from Joe Barton, a Texas Republican who represents a district that includes Arlington and other areas to the south of Dallas.


“It’s in my mind a little bit like communism,” Barton said.

The funny thing about it all was that Barton was interrogating ACC commissioner John Swofford, who has the misfortune of currently serving as the BCS coordinator. It’s a thankless task —- extra responsibilities for a conference czar, and work that basically includes sticking up for a system no one outside the sphere of influence in college athletics actually likes.

But back to the quote. The reason it made me laugh was that it wasn’t the first time someone has suggested Swofford is part of an organization that would do Karl Marx proud.

Back in October 2007, Ralph Friedgen uncorked this gem, since which he’s been well-behaved on such matters:

“I’m not allowed to talk about calls,” Friedgen said before breaking into a wry smirk. “Head coaches are not allowed to express their opinion. It’s an ACC rule. It’s a Communist league.”

Which is all a roundabout way of saying that somewhere, whenever Friedgen actually got to see or read about the testimony on the Hill yesterday, he probably broke into another wry smirk.

And for good reason.

—- Patrick Stevens