The Washington Times - May 20, 2009, 09:00PM

Back at the ACC tournament in March, Greivis Vasquez said he would go through the workout process to see how he stacked up against guys like Jeff Teague and Tyrese Rice.

Maybe he meant to say “anyone decent from the SEC.”


After all, the Maryland guard will be working out with Kentucky’s Jodie Meeks, Ole Miss’ David Huertas and Louisiana State’s Marcus Thornton tomorrow morning for the Washington Wizards at Verizon Center.

(Seriously, how many other good SEC players are there in the draft? Tennessee’s Tyler Smith? Nick Calathes at Florida? OK, but that’s about it.)

It’s a one-hour session, and the prying eyes of scribes will only get a brief look at the proceedings. But it’s certainly a part of the deal Vasquez was looking for when he agreed to enter the NBA Draft without hiring an agent.

Vasquez has until June 15 to decide whether to stay at Maryland or leave for a professional career. So tomorrow (and a handful of days like it) are essentially early job interviews —- smart things for him to partake in as his professional future possibly hangs in the balance.

- Patrick Stevens