The Washington Times - May 21, 2009, 08:47PM

A trip to Beantown —- or even its outer environs, such as Foxboro(ugh) —- requires the necessary Dropkick Murphys reference.

It also requires some patience with traffic, which is mitigated a bit by (a) Flying into Providence and (b) Staying in the southern ‘burbs.


Either way, it entails the chance to cover one of the more exciting NCAA championships —- and really, the most wide-open Division I final four since 1999.

That year, the 2, 3, 5 and 8 seeds made it to Memorial Day weekend —- and Virginia finally broke through for a championship under Dom Starsia.

The Cavaliers have won two more since then, but even as well as they’re playing, it’s plenty plausible to envision any of the four remaining teams hauling off a trophy on Monday afternoon.

And so that’s the fun in store for semifinal Saturday.

Look for a comparison of 2006 Virginia and 2009 Virginia tomorrow, as well as a few other goodies sure to pop up throughout the afternoon.

—- Patrick Stevens