The Washington Times - May 22, 2009, 10:22AM

FOXBORO(UGH), Mass. —- Just into Gillette Stadium after some minor travel adventures.

It’s never fun to have an imperial flyer —- a person who apparently believes their plane ticket gives them the right to the entirety of their seat and part of yours as well —- perched next to you. Alas, that was the fate on the flight to Providence.


But all is well, and Syracuse is out on the sod practicing right now. Patriot Place is also up and going now, which means there is actually something appealing around the stadium. That’s a lot better than last year’s in-the-middle-of-nowhere experience.

More to come throughout the day. Hopefully, this afternoon is tame —- unlike last year on the Friday before Memorial Day, when Maryland decided it would be prudent to release Tyree Evans from his basketball scholarship just hours before the close of business of a holiday weekend.

—- Patrick Stevens