The Washington Times - May 23, 2009, 12:33PM

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. —- The best player on the field is, unsurprisingly, Ned Crotty.

He is, after all, the best player in the sport. And he has two slick assists in the first quarter for Duke.


The trouble for Duke is Syracuse has quite a few good players. And they’re finding ways to beat goalie Rob Schroeder.

Both Joel White and Pat Perritt scored on shots in which there was a very small window to work with. It’s OK when Kenny Nims is able to break things down in the closing seconds of a quarter to punch one in. It’s those tight-angle scores the Blue Devils can’t yield.

It went from a 2-all tie with a minute left in the first to 4-2. Make no mistake; Syracuse can and will score. But Duke must do a better job of preventing the preventable, or else its stay in the final four will end within the next couple hours.

—- Patrick Stevens