The Washington Times - May 25, 2009, 01:34PM

Just about ready to get underway in Foxboro(ugh) for the national title game.

On to today’s lineups:


No. 2 SYRACUSE (15-2)

A-10-Kenny Nims
A-28-Stephen Keogh
A-14-Chris Daniello

M-1-Pat Perritt
M-3-Matt Abbott
M-22-Dan Hardy

D-17-Sid Smith
D-18-Matt Tierney
D-40-John Lade

G-15-John Galloway

No. 5 CORNELL (13-3)

A-3-Rob Pannell
A-26-Ryan Hurley
A-29-Chris Finn

M-20-John Glynn
M-37-Rocco Romero
M-42-Max Seibald

D-12-Matt Moyer
D-15-Michael Howe
D-33-Max Feely

G-14-Jake Myers

—- Patrick Stevens