The Washington Times - May 27, 2009, 11:04AM

For anyone wanting a guess or a concrete update on Greivis Vasquez‘s plans to either stay in the NBA Draft or return to Maryland, you’re not going to find it here, at least not today.

Vasquez himself indicated last week a decision probably wouldn’t be made until close to the June 15 deadline to withdraw from the draft.


And the latest from Fox Sports’ Jeff Goodman indicates that really hasn’t changed in the last few days:

”I want to go through the whole process and see where I’m at,” Vasquez said. ”If it happens, it happens. I think I have NBA talent and want to prove people wrong.”

”Right now it’s too early to tell anything,” he added. ”We’re a still three weeks away.”

Vasquez said he doesn’t have anyone representing him, but is relying on former high school coaches Stu Vetter and David Atkins of Montrose Christian and Maryland coach Gary Williams.

”My dream was to play in the NBA one day,” Vasquez said. ”And I’m pretty close.”

That last quote would seem to indicate which way Vasquez is leaning. But it’s always tough to tell with him, even after covering him for three seasons.

All that said, it makes all the sense in the world for Vasquez to take him time at this point. He gains little from signing with an agent now when he can do the same thing in three weeks and keep all of his options available.

So the best guess here? Check back in around June 10, because Vasquez’s smartest play is to take his time before arriving at his decision.

—- Patrick Stevens