The Washington Times - May 28, 2009, 08:13AM

Last night, the finest talent college lacrosse had to offer this season converged on Hoboken (Hoboken?!?) for the MLL draft.

That’s the outdoor league that’s already in progress, for those who are reading, remotely care and can’t tell the two pro lacrosse leagues apart. All three of you.


Anyway, Virginia attackman Danny Glading was the No. 5 pick, going to Washington (which once played in Baltimore and Towson and now plays in Annapolis).

Meanwhile, national champion Syracuse had four of the nine first-round picks: Attackman Kenny Nims (No. 1 to Chicago), defenseman Sid Smith (No. 6 to Toronto), midfielder Dan Hardy (No. 8 to Denver) and Matt Abbott (No. 9 to Washington). Sounds about right.

Here, by the way, is the rundown of all the Maryland/D.C./Virginia college players selected over the course of five rounds (which are littered with compensatory picks and thus longer than expected for a six-team league) last night:

1. (5) A Danny Glading, Virginia (Washington)

2. (11) LSM P.T. Ricci, Loyola (Washington)
2. (14) M Brian Christopher, Hopkins (Denver)

3. (18) D Michael Evans, Hopkins (Washington)
3. (20) M Peet Poillon, UMBC (Boston)
3. (21) M Shane Koppens, Loyola (Denver)
3. (23) M Jeff Reynolds, Maryland (Washington)
3. (25) LSM Mike Timms, Virginia (Toronto)
3. (26) M Dan Groot, Maryland (Washington)

4. (27) D Steven Bauer, Georgetown (Chicago)
4. (32) A Garrett Billings, Virginia (Toronto)
4. (35) M Alex Hopmann, UMBC (Denver)
4. (36) G Jeremy Blevins, UMBC (Denver)

5. (38) M Kylor Berkman, Salisbury (Washington)

Breakdown by local/semi-local schools: UMBC 3, Virginia 3, Hopkins 2, Loyola 2, Maryland 2, Georgetown 1, Salisbury 1.

—- Patrick Stevens