The Washington Times - May 4, 2009, 05:14PM

Had a chance today to talk about the schedule with Georgetown lacrosse coach Dave Urick as we looked toward next season.

The Hoyas’ figure to have as much tumult as anyone in the area with their schedule from 2009 to 2010, mainly because they’re switching leagues.


Georgetown has pretty much figured out how to handle things, since three teams are coming on and three teams are coming off:

* A trip to Providence in mid-March replaces this year’s visit to Hobart.

* The Hoyas will play host to Notre Dame in the same April weekend they met Fairfield on the Hilltop this spring.

* Villanova will replace Penn State as the regular-season finale, giving the Hoyas a fairly close opponent to play as exams get underway.

Year one of the Big East will have Georgetown visiting Providence, Syracuse and Villanova, with Notre Dame, Rutgers and St. John’s coming to D.C.

But things aren’t stable beyond 2010. The Hoyas will play non-league games against Loyola and Massachusetts next year, but the sport’s shifting landscape could make maintaining those games difficult.

“Our league schedule is spread out,” said Urick, who will play three Big East games in March. “A lot of conferences, they’re playing almost all their league games in April. That’s going to make it tough for us to fill if UMass can’t play on April 24 [or so].

So in short, if any nonconference series gets zapped going forward, UMass is the obvious candidate.

* The schedule shuffle also means the Hoyas aren’t as home-heavy and road-heavy at different parts of the season. It’ll be curious to see how changing that imbalance (five of six on the road to start, six of eight at home to finish in 2009) affects the team.

* As for nonconference scheduling, Georgetown has preserved its games with Duke, Maryland and Navy —- and continues a two-year deal with burgeoning Harvard to have the Crimson visit during their spring break.

“They’re coming back,” Urick said. “That was the deal.”

—- Patrick Stevens