The Washington Times - May 7, 2009, 02:44PM

So how big is this Twittering thing now?

Well, Maryland coach Gary Williams has his own, well-designed page MDCoachWilliams. Basketball junkie that he is, it is no shock Gary has made plenty of mentions of the NBA playoffs.


Williams also seems pretty into this, 14 updates to date since starting on Monday. That’s not quite a Tom Crean-type pace, but it certainly reflects some significant interest.

Also on Twitter: George Mason’s Jim Larranaga (MasonCoachL), who managed to endear himself even more than usual with a reference to a D1scourse favorite, The A-Team.

(This, of course, is an opportunity to remind loyal readers that you can follow D1scourse on Twitter as well).

While there’s only so much substance to be had from 140 characters, these pages might actually be better than official websites and the like. Chances are, Williams’ website isn’t looked at very much (or updated a whole lot, either), and it’s unlikely to be a priority.

But since this is just a sentence or two, and since it is something that takes only a minute, it’ll be intriguing to see just how much this thing takes root among coaches —- and how long it will stick around.

—- Patrick Stevens