The Washington Times - November 12, 2009, 06:22PM

At some point —- and considering Virginia Tech has the ACC’s No. 2 kickoff return unit, it might not be this week —- teams are going to quit kicking off to Torrey Smith.

It would be a lot harder, of course, if a second swift option was back there with the sophomore.


Enter Caleb Porzel.

“I think we’ll probably put him back there this week,” Friedgen said.

Very interesting indeed.

It’s not a really surprising development; Porzel had broached the possibility himself a few weeks ago.

But it’s just another sign Porzel is carving out a substantial place in Maryland’s plans in the present as well as the future.

“He’s a tough little nut, that kid,” Friedgen said. “I was a little worried about him. He’s explosive an everything, but can he hold up in pass protection. He’s not afraid to go in there and stick his nose in there, I’ll say that. It might be like a gnat on a Mack truck window, but he’s not going to shy away.”

—- Patrick Stevens