The Washington Times - November 12, 2009, 03:44PM

The main highlights of a drab presser at Comcast Center:

* Interested in who might start at the five for Maryland in its opener tomorrow night against Charleston Southern?


Gary Williams wasn’t interested in revealing it.

“You got a quarter?” Williams asked. “Flip it and see who starts.”

The options appear to be James Padgett, who started in Maryland’s exhibition game, and Jordan Williams. The two freshmen split the minutes inside in the Nov. 3 defeat of Indiana (Pa.), and were never on the floor at the same time.

“They’re different players,” Williams said. “A lot of it depends on who we’re playing against if one of the freshmen starts. We’ll see.”

* The greatest uncertainty surrounding Maryland remains the status of Dino Gregory.

Williams was in no mood to enlighten anyone about the junior forward, who missed the Terps’ exhibition game with the ever-nebulous “violation of team rules.”

“I have no update on Dino Gregory,” Williams said.

* Steve Goins still remains in an injury no-man’s land.

“We’re waiting to see where it feels like he can play,” Williams said. “When he can play, he’ll practice obviously. Then, how that will be the next day. If he can go the next day and he can go a couple times in a row, then he’d be ready to go in a game. We could use Steve, there’s no doubt about it.

“He’s 6-9, 250, and he does some good things when he does play. It’s just been a health thing the whole time with him, really ever since high school. The knee just hasn’t responded that well.”

—- Patrick Stevens