The Washington Times - November 13, 2009, 11:34PM

It wasn’t all that unusual. Greivis Vasquez was playing to the crowd in tonight’s 89-51 rout of Charleston Southern, trying a behind-the-back fake in the second half on a fast break with Sean Mosley.

Mosley’s only a sophomore, and it certainly wasn’t his first rodeo with that brand of Vasquez razzle-dazzle.


“Since I’ve been here, at least about five or six times,” Mosley said. “People still fall for it. He got the assist by dishing the ball to me and I made a good layup.”

If only it was that mundane. Vasquez didn’t just fake once. He faked twice. And it has to make you wonder how many times he can try that on a single charge down the floor.

“Probably three times,” Vasquez said. “I was just trying to make a play to get everybody excited. I was having a hard time finding myself on the court. I wanted to make something good so I could get myself going.”

So he fooled Charleston Southern. But it almost backfired, considering the group of people also surprised happened to be Mosley.

“Apparently I was that time because I knew he usually fakes and then scores,” Mosley said. “So he faked and faked, and I could have dunked it but my balance was off because I’m used to him faking and faking and going up. He faked too many times and I was kind of lost myself.”

Still, Mosley got the basket, two of his 15 points for the night. Vasquez got the assist, one of 13 for the evening. And the highlight reel got something sure to be replayed throughout the season.

—- Patrick Stevens