The Washington Times - November 14, 2009, 09:37AM

Just about ready to head back to College Park (wasn’t I just there?) for today’s Maryland-Virginia Tech game.

So what can be expected? Here’s five things rattling through the recesses of my mind on this, the 10th game day of Maryland’s season:


1. Ryan Williams will get his 100 yards on the ground —- barely.

The Hokie freshman is averaging more than 120 yards, while Maryland’s rush defense leads in the ACC in conference games. Yes, Virginia Tech trucked the Terps down in Blacksburg last year on the ground. The Hokies will do better than a typical team, but Maryland will hold up its recent tendency to contain the run.

2. Maryland will lead at some point.

In the spirit of “these guys keep working hard” —- as Ralph Friedgen has said countless times —- the Terps won’t get pounded early and often. Instead, Maryland will stick around for a while and perhaps even get on the board first.

3. A defense/special teams touchdown will be scored.

The Maryland defensive drought is finally over, so maybe the Terps can make it two in a row. Torrey Smith is still returning kickoffs. Maryland is likely trotting out a first-time starting quarterback in Jamarr Robinson —- otherwise known as fresh meat from the viewpoint of a traditionally nasty Virginia Tech defense. Oh, and perhaps you’ve heard of Beamer Ball? An unorthodox touchdown is getting scored today, one way or another.

4. Jamarr Robinson is going the distance.

Despite the saber-rattling this week, Danny O’Brien will keep his redshirt and Robinson will play the entire game. Or at least that’s what most Maryland fans hope. Barring an injury, the guess is Robinson will go a full 60 minutes as Maryland gets a head start in evaluating the quarterback position for next season.

5. Robinson will be decent enough to keep Maryland in the game —- but not so overwhelming that he fixes the offense’s ills.

There are going to be some mistakes at quarterback, probably more than what was seen when Turner started. But Robinson has a way of turning nothing into something in scrimmages, and it was on display in the final drive against N.C. State last week. Here’s a call for something in the ballpark of 140 yards passing and 35 yards rushing, and Maryland not getting blown out as it faces its second ranked opponent of the season.

—- Patrick Stevens