The Washington Times - November 14, 2009, 12:07PM

The ever-quotable Jamari McCollough is one of Maryland quarterback Jamarr Robinson‘s good friends on the roster.

Yes, they have similar names. And yes, they find a way to take advantage of it.


“A lot of girls, a lot of people on campus get us mixed up,” McCollough said this week. “So it’s always ‘I talked to Jamari,’ but they might be talking about Jamarr. We mess around with people sometime, telling them we’re brothers or cousins. His name’s Jamarr and my name’s Jamari, and they’ll be getting us all mixed up.”

Given a certain coach’s tendency for self-described “senior moments,” it happens in practice, too.

“Even coach [Ralph] Friedgen will do it. He’ll be saying ‘Jamarr! Jamarr!’ but he’ll be talking to me. I’m like ‘Coach, I’m Jamari.’”

With Robinson starting at quarterback, here’s guessing there won’t be a need to play the name game with this pair again any time soon.

—- Patrick Stevens