The Washington Times - November 14, 2009, 07:43PM

Time for the weekly check on how the predictions panned out

1. Ryan Williams will get his 100 yards on the ground —- barely.


INCORRECT. It’s not like Williams dominated the game, which was the point of the prediction. But he had 126 yards, and did his damage in the first three quarters. It wasn’t a squeaker.

2. Maryland will lead at some point.

INCORRECT. Let’s not speak of this again.

3. A defense/special teams touchdown will be scored.

CORRECT. Jared Harrell recovered a fumble forced by Jamari McCollough as Maryland scored on defense for the second straight week.

4. Jamarr Robinson is going the distance.

CORRECT. The sophomore ran for 129 yards and threw for 104 yards. Robinson’s quicks were really the only viable offensive weapon Maryland had, and even he couldn’t get the Terps into the end zone.

5. Robinson will be decent enough to keep Maryland in the game —- but not so overwhelming that he fixes the offense’s ills.

CORRECT. No, it wasn’t close, but that’s more on the defensive and the offensive line than Robinson. He actually provided Maryland a rushing element it hasn’t had in two months, and while his passing totals were modest, he was also sacked six times and the victim of some dropped passes. If today demonstrates anything, it’s that the biggest problem with Maryland’s offense is not its quarterback. Far from it.

—- Patrick Stevens