The Washington Times - November 17, 2009, 08:55PM

Maryland has nine turnovers. It also had a 15-0 run.

Fairfield went eight minutes without scoring and wilted in the face of Maryland’s defense, but still was 4-for-8 from long distance.


It is, in short, a disjointed half. And it figured it ended with Sean Mosley coasting in for a quick basket off an inbound pass to give the Terrapins a 30-22 lead at the break.

If there are going to be games so early in the season —- and they’re not going anyway —- then there’s going to be some sloppiness. Throw in some personnel issues, and it isn’t all that much of a shock.

Maryland ever-so-briefly went with a four-guard set. For all of 82 seconds, the Terps took Landon Milbourne out and plugged in a Vasquez/Hayes/Tucker/Mosley/Padgett lineup. Maryland held a 2-0 edge in that stretch.

In any case, it’s no sure thing Maryland will survive in its short-handed state, but the Terps at least are positioned to have a chance to put the Stags away early in the second half.

—- Patrick Stevens