The Washington Times - November 19, 2009, 06:50PM

As part of a cost-saving rule implemented this year, ACC teams are permitted to take 72 players with them on the road to conference games.

That includes injured players, which is why Maryland (and other teams) haven’t made a habit of bringing guys on trips when they can’t play.


But Ralph Friedgen is making an exception this week —- and one he should make.

Nolan Carroll was looking forward to heading back to his home state for one of his last college games, even back in the preseason. Carroll grew up in Jacksonville, and his mother is a state representative who works in Tallahassee.

Then Carroll broke his right tibia in the season’s second game. And while he hasn’t made a trip, he’s still been a presence at practice.

So despite a numbers crunch, Carroll will be at Florida State, presumably making the walk to midfield for the opening coin toss as one of Maryland’s captains.

“I think it would be special for him, so I’m going to do that,” Friedgen said.

It wasn’t easy to find the room, though.

Punter Travis Baltz‘s injury meant he couldn’t be used as a backup placekicker, leaving the Terps with the need to bring both Mike Barbour and Ted Townsley.

Ultimately, though, there was room.

“We went through it hard and there was one spot,” Friedgen said. “I’d like to take Chris Turner, too, but I can’t. we worked it out. we’re probably not taking Pete White because we’re going to try to redshirt him anyway. Four guys would have to get hurt before we use Pete.”

—- Patrick Stevens