The Washington Times - November 28, 2009, 10:02PM

Time to check back in on the pregame predictions posted earlier in the day

1. Both Chris Turner and Jamarr Robinson play some at quarterback.


CORRECT. Turner was in for six possessions, Robinson for five. Turner started each half, Robinson finished. Robinson, by the way, led Maryland to both of its touchdown drives.

2. It won’t be a day for the passers

CORRECT, basically. Both teams got over 200 yards, but Boston College got there in large part because of Colin Larmond‘s yards after catch. Maryland got there because Robinson had 55 yards on the Terps’ final drive. Boston College semi-effectively ran the ball, and Maryland didn’t. That was a big difference.

3. Maryland will get a defensive or special teams score.

INCORRECT. It seemed like the sort of day it might happen, what with the wind and a fumble-prone quarterback for Boston College. Didn’t happen.

4. Steve Aponavicius will remain perfect.

INCORRECT. Aponavicius missed a 31-yard field goal in the third quarter that would have put BC up 19-10. Instead, he hit a 42-yarder in the fourth quarter to all but lock up a win. He wasn’t perfect, but BC happily took his 4-for-5 effort.

5. It’ll be another close-but-not-quite day for Maryland.

CORRECT. Maryland lost by a touchdown or less for the fifth time this season. The Terps were within a possession for all but 2:25 the entire day. That qualifies as close, even if it felt like Boston College was in far greater control at times.

—- Patrick Stevens