The Washington Times - November 3, 2009, 12:42PM

Just got off the phone with EagleBank Bowl executive director Steve Beck, who said the game has just finalized its tie-in contracts for the next four seasons.

On one, side the D.C.-based game will continue with the No. 8 selection from the ACC. The EagleBank Bowl had the No. 9 pick last year.


The second side is a little convoluted, so here it is in simplistic form.

2010: Conference USA “mutually agreeable regional selection”
2011: Navy (Big 12 as a backup)
2012: Army (Conference USA as a backup)
2013: Big 12 No. 8

Needless to say, the Big 12 addition is the notable development. Adding a second major conference for one or two of the four years certainly adds to the possibility of some fascinating games.

At least the first three games of this set of deals will be played at RFK Stadium, since the game signed a five-year deal to hold the event there. That contract began last year.

—- Patrick Stevens