The Washington Times - November 8, 2009, 09:56PM

Ralph Friedgen, who so often reminds us in the media that he’s “an emotional guy,” produced a sharp rebuke to N.C. State in the wake of Isaiah Rossseason-ending ACL tear on Saturday.

And after 24 hours and the opportunity to review the film?


Friedgen said he spoke with Ross in the trip home and that he does not believe the freshman was injured on an illegal play. Instead, Ross got hurt during the course of action late in the first half.

It didn’t change Friedgen’s unhappiness about the physical treatment Ross received from an N.C. State lineman after the play.

“I thought he got hurt at that time, and that wasn’t the case,” Friedgen said. “I did think it was unnecessary roughness, but after talking to Isaiah, he said he didn’t get hurt at that time —- which to me, is making it worse. The kid’s in pain they’re working him over.”

So, in short, the claim on Maryland’s end goes for dirty play to merely awful sportsmanship. Neither is good, but one’s a lot worse than the other.

Regardless of which one it is, the situation on the ground doesn’t change. Ross has the unenviable task of rehabbing from a knee injury between now and the start of his sophomore season.

—- Patrick Stevens