The Washington Times - November 8, 2009, 10:38PM

Sometimes, it’s possible to sense questions coming well before they arrive.

Such as “How does Jamarr Robinson‘s de facto debut rank among recent rushing performances for a Maryland quarterback?”


If the question is framed in the Ralph Friedgen era, the answer is 19th.

If the question is framed just in the last six seasons, the answer is sixth.

No, that’s not a typo. Robinson’s nine carries for 38 yards was the sixth-best quarterback rushing performance by Maryland since 2004. Amazingly, there is exactly one quarterback outing of more than 35 yards rushing in each of those six years.

The best of the Fridge years? That would be Shaun Hill‘s 11-carry, 105-yard game against Duke in 2001. That remains the only 100-yard rushing game by a quarterback since Friedgen’s arrival.

One other neat note —- of the seven 50-yard outings, two were by backups against Eastern Michigan. Go figure.

The full rundown:

Quarterback Rush-Yds  
Shaun Hill
11-105 2001/Duke
Josh Portis
9-98 2008/E. Michigan
Scott McBrien
9-67 2002/@Clemson
Sam Hollenbach
7-62 2006/N.C. State
Scott McBrien
9-61 2003/@Wake Forest 
Shaun Hill
12-54 2001/Clemson
Latrez Harrison
7-50 2001/E. Michigan
Shaun Hill
13-48 2001/@Florida State
Latrez Harrison
5-47 2001/Duke
Shaun Hill
16-47 2001/Virginia
Scott McBrien
4-47 2003/West Virginia
Jordan Steffy
8-47 2007/Villanova
Sam Hollenbach
6-45 2005/@Wake Forest
Latrez Harrison
7-43 2001/Troy State
Scott McBrien
8-42 2002/Wake Forest
Chris Turner
5-40 2007/at N.C. State
Joel Statham
6-39 2004/@West Virginia
Jamarr Robinson  
9-38 2009/at N.C. State
Scott McBrien
7-36 2002/vs. Tennessee

—- Patrick Stevens