The Washington Times - November 9, 2009, 04:29PM

A great, great item today from the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Darryl Slater on Virginia Tech’s (or, more accurately, Nike’s) decision to roll yet another new uniform this week when the Hokies visit Maryland.

The dominant color? White. Lots and lots of white.


So much so that the theme of the day was “Good Guys Wear White” as the “Nike Pro Combat” unis were unveiled.

So why would Virginia Tech bring these out this week, in an untelevised (sorry, ESPN360, you don’t count) game against a 2-7 team?

A Nike rep, per Slater, said they knew Maryland was planning an all-black ensemble (in connection with that brilliantly conceived blackout in the middle of the afternoon), “so we wanted the good guys to wear white.”

You know, against the team wearing black jerseys with camouflage mixed in as part of a tribute to veterans, an idea concocted by Under Armour and the Wounded Warrior Project.

[Awkward pause].



Strangely, that might not be the most ridiculous part of Slater’s sublime post. No, the award for absurdity might go to Virginia Tech for wearing its sixth different jersey in 10 games, which seems … well, excessive.

But hey, as long as people are willing to whip out their credit cards and work themselves into a spending frenzy, all is well —- and that’s definitely a black-and-white issue in college athletics.

—- Patrick Stevens