The Washington Times - October 1, 2009, 11:03AM

Maryland revealed another relative non-surprise yesterday when coach Ralph Friedgen indicated he’d settled on a punter.

That was necessary after Travis Baltz‘s ankle injury shelved him at least for this week and probably a second.


“I would say after today it would probably be [Nick] Ferrara,” Friedgen said.

Ferrara, of course, is the true freshman who is already doing the kickoffs and PAT/field goals at this stage.

A scenario where he’s doing all three isn’t particularly comforting to Friedgen. Neither is the thought of trotting out a punter who can’t catch a snap, a problem  Ted Townsley had on his one punt against Rutgers.

“I am [concerned], but I’m going to put the best kicker out there,” Friedgen said.

This is truly terra incognita for Friedgen. Someone pointed out this week (I can’t remember who at the moment, but would happily give credit since this isn’t my stat) that Maryland used three punters in Friedgen’s first eight-plus season —- or 103 games.

Saturday, he essentially used three: Baltz, who was injured on his first attempt, Ferrara and Townsley.

The last time Maryland used more than one punter in a year? That was 2000, when Brooks Barnard was the primary option and Vedad Siljkovic was utilized as a pooch punter later in  the season.

—- Patrick Stevens