The Washington Times - October 1, 2009, 07:09PM

It’s time for October, and oddly enough, Maryland very well might have come full circle on its offensive line.

Bruce Campbell is back. Paul Pinegar will probably play.


And for the first time since the opener, Lamar Young will start at left guard.

“I thought he improved, played lower, gave better effort,” coach Ralph Friedgen said. “If he would just keep growing, he’d be all right. He’s got to be more consistent.”

Or so Maryland would hope.

Young was on the precipice of playing two years ago. But his progress slowed and he’s dealt with shoulder issues. He also came off the bench the last three weeks.

“I brought him in on Wednesday, texted him and said ‘I need to see you as soon as possible.’ …,” Friedgen said. “He came in all worried and said ‘What do you need to see me about.’ I said ‘How many times have I had you into this office for bad things? I want to show you some good things. Yesterday, you had your best practice in your Maryland career.’ We went through all the plays and said ‘This is how we want you to play.’

“I said the test is can you do it today now that I’ve patted you on the back. He didn’t have quite the same day Wednesday but it wasn’t bad.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Gonnella will start at right guard after coming off the bench last week, with Bennett Fulper backing him up.

—- Patrick Stevens