The Washington Times - October 10, 2009, 07:56PM

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. —- Well, so much for a close game.

And that is a real, real surprise.


This illustrates why it is folly to try to guess about anything related to Maryland’s football team, Anything.

The Terps’ defense looked great for two weeks. Then they gave up touchdowns on the first five drives. All those drives chewed up at least 57 yards.

The only good thing for Maryland: No turnovers.

Just as the Rutgers loss could be pinned almost entirely on the Terps’ offense, this one is going to go on the defense. Not that Maryland’s offense is exemplary or anything. It’s just it hasn’t had a prayer to keep up at all.

Riley Skinner has torched the Terps, but they’ve also torched themselves. The secondary in particular has been shelled, with Skinner picking on cornerbacks Anthony Wiseman and Cameron Chism equally and finding lots of open receivers to work with.

Maryland had a chance to lead the Atlantic Division by two games in the loss column at the end of the night. It’s pretty clear that won’t be happening.

—- Patrick Stevens