The Washington Times - October 10, 2009, 06:14PM

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. —- An unofficial Maryland travel roster after taking attendance during pregame warm-ups. Of note …

* Kicker Mike Barbour, who was declared out on Thursday, actually made the trip and is dressed. My guess is Maryland would prefer not to use a kicker with an injured leg.


* An interesting name not on the trip: Masengo Kabongo. Ian Davidson is here on the defensive line.

1-Terrell Skinner
2-Antwine Perez
3-LaQuan Williams
4-Jamari McCollough
5-Morgan Green
6-Anthony Wiseman
7-Adrian Cannon
8-Davin Meggett
9-Richard Taylor
10-Chris Turner
11-Jamarr Robinson
12-Kenny Tate
13-Kerry Boykins
15-Drew Gloster
16-C.J. Brown
17-Quintin McCree
18-Danny O’Brien

20-Gary Douglas
21-Trenton Hughes
22-Cameron Chism
24-Ronnie Tyler
25-Kevin Dorsey
26-Mike Barbour
26-Michael Carter
27-Dan Bonato
29-Austin Walker
31-D.J. Adams
33-Alex Wujciak
34-Devonte Campbell
36-Taylor Watson
37-Ted Townsley
38-Cory Jackson
39-Dexter McDougle

40-Caleb Porzel
42-Ben Pooler
43-Nick Ferrara
44-Derek Drummond
45-Tommy Galt
46-Avery Murray
48-Eric Franklin
50-Justin Anderson
51-Ryan Donohue
52-Darin Drakeford
53-Hakeem Sule
54-Adrian Moten
56-Deege Galt
57-Jared Harrell
57-John Dillon
59-Demetrius Hartsfield

60-Pete DeSouza
61-Nick Klemm
63-Bennett Fulper
66-Maurice Hampton
70-Lamar Young
71-Paul Pinegar
72-Phil Costa
75-Justin Gilbert
76-R.J. Dill
77-Andrew Gonnella
78-Justin Lewis

80-Lansford Watson
82-Torrey Smith
83-Emani Lee-Odai
85-Tony Logan
88-Isaiah Ross
89-Matt Furstenburg
90-Travis Ivey
92-Tim Downs
93-Ian Davidson
96-A.J. Francis
98-Zach Kerr
99-Carl Russell

—- Patrick Stevens