The Washington Times - October 12, 2009, 01:49PM

CHARLOTTESVILLE —- Virginia coach Al Groh chatted for about 50 minutes today during his weekly press conference, which at some points devolved into a comedy routine.

No, really. Guess that’s what a two-game winning streak will do.


Among the amusing highlights:

* Groh was asked about the “effective chemistry” between Jameel Sewell and Vic Hall in Saturday’s rout of Indiana.

“I think over time here, we’ll see what type of connection they have,” Groh said. “A lot of it was a function of Vic was pretty open. Most of us would have had good chemistry with Jameel on that play.”

* With Hall playing both ways, a really good question was asked about how his practice time is managed.

“Kind of like a tenis ball,” Groh said. “You know, we kind of bat him back and forth from field to field, and we do try to stagger things.”

* Groh was asked about how much better Sewell could get. He paused then leaned to his left and pantomimed picking something up.

“Let me get my crystal ball up here,” Groh said in quite the Carnac-like moment. “We certainly don’t want to put a cap on that but that would be hard for me to speculate. If I could do that I would buy stocks low and sell high.”

—- Patrick Stevens