The Washington Times - October 14, 2009, 01:46PM

Remember Haroon Brown?

You know, the last-second addition to Maryland’s recruiting class in 2007 who wound up filling in for an injured Cory Jackson as a true freshman against Clemson that fall?


Between being dubbed the “R&B fullback” and wearing a really sweet hat around the team house last year, Brown was a fairly busy man for being a backup fullback.

But during camp, Taylor Watson charged right past him. By the time the season-opening depth chart was released, walk-on Louis Berman was included —- and Brown was not.

So when I chatted with running backs coach John Donovan yesterday, I asked if Brown had faded over the last couple months.

“A little bit, but lately he’s been doing pretty good in practice,” Donovan said. “He’s in an interesting situation because he’s got some talent and played as a true freshman and last year, but Cory’s been the staple here really. Watson beat him out in the summer. He just kind of went down the list and wasn’t really doing a great job practicing. Then the special teams coach doesn’t want to use him, so all the sudden he’s not playing anywhere.”

And just like that, Brown —- who traveled throughout his first two years —- wasn’t even going to road games and was stuck on the scout team.

“It’s been a good wake-up call for him,” Donovan said. “He’s gotten better. Defensive coaches early on were like ‘Ah, we don’t see him doing anything,’ and now they see him doing a lot of positive things, which is good. I don’t know what the plan is there.”

Actually, there’s an obvious path the Terps would probably be wise to take if it remains available to them. Brown can still take a redshirt season, and it might benefit both him and the program to keep him around an extra year.

Both he and Watson came in together, and Maryland would probably be in solid shape at fullback for a couple more seasons if Brown takes a redshirt.

“That’s definitely a thought,” Donovan said. “You never know what can happen. A guy can get hurt and you might need him somewhere. But right now that’s definitely a strong possibility. Now you’ve got two guys for two years instead of having to recruit another guy you don’t know. You know what he can do for you and he’s getting better now, so that’s a pretty good sign. That’s definitely in the back of my mind and our minds.”

—- Patrick Stevens