The Washington Times - October 16, 2009, 10:54PM

The highlights will probably come at some point for Maryland freshmen James Padgett and Jordan Williams.

Tonight’s 10-minute scrimmage/pick-up game was no doubt part of the acclimation process.


Clearly, both could play crucial roles for the Terrapins this season. But it’s unlikely either is an instant savior —- something that is well understood on the eve of the start of practice.

“Tomorrow they’ll see what they have to do,” coach Gary Williams said. “Guys like Dino Gregory and Landon Milbourne, they don’t take any prisoners. They go at it as hard as they can right in the first drill we’ll do tomorrow. Hopefully, James and Jordan pick up on that and just get into it.”

If it happens, Maryland might not have the same issues it dealt with in the frontcourt last season. And certainly, its possible both could be quite useful even if their contributions on the offensive end are limited.

“Inside players have an easier time to really contribute a lot their first year because they don’t have to know the offense completely,” Gary Williams said. “If they play defense and rebound, they can really contribute because we’ve got guards. We’ve got guys that can score. If they can be a factor in terms of our size then they’re really going to be valuable this year.”

—- Patrick Stevens