The Washington Times - October 16, 2009, 07:53PM

Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams was in good spirits heading into the start of practice.

No wonder. He’d recently undergone surgery to correct pain that had bothered him for about a decade, and despite a hoarse voice seemed pleased with the experience.


“I had a disc removed, a ruptured disc sitting on a nerve. I wanted to get through the recruiting period, so I had it done a week ago yesterday at gt hospital. They took out a disc, put in a cadaver bone, bolted it in there and here we go. I feel like Frankenstein.”

So, yes. Williams is a-liiiiiive.

And he has some of his voice, which actually could have been a problem.

“They problem is they have to move your muscles, your vocal chords to get over there,” Williams said. “There’s a tendency to be hoarse. … Some people don’t talk for a year. You’re getting wheeled in and it’s ‘Oh, by the way, you might not be able to talk for a year.’ The pain you had, you wake up from the anesthesia, it’s gone.”

—- Patrick Stevens