The Washington Times - October 17, 2009, 04:44PM

This one won’t be in the ESPN Classic vault anytime soon. Guaranteed.

What has happened so far is …


* A lost fumble (Maryland’s Davin Meggett)

* A goal-line stand for Maryland, forcing Virginia backward and eventually into a field goal.

* One Chris Turner completion for no yards.

* Another burned Maryland redshirt (defensive tackle Justin Anderson just made a two-play cameo)

* Torrey Smith with a one-play cameo in the Wildcat

* Maryland with 52 yards rushing, which means it is well on pace to crack 100 for the first time since Sept. 19.

* Excellent work from Virginia’s Vic Hall (4 catches, 56 yards)

More to come. For now, though, that’s what is happening.

—- Patrick Stevens