The Washington Times - October 17, 2009, 10:12PM

While the weekly ACC picks look like they’ll come in as winners, the actual gameday picks didn’t work out quite so well.

Here’s a look back at some of those picks from this morning, and why they did or did not pan out.


1. There will be fumbles —- at least four of them.

CORRECT —- Maryland and Virginia combined for five fumbles, and there was another overturned when replay officials called an incompletion. It was thoroughly sloppy throughout, and the fumbles certainly reflected that.

2. There will be sacks —- at least seven of them.

INCORRECT —- Maryland did its part, getting to Jameel Sewell five times on the night. Virginia only managed one sack on the dreary day. Not sure how much credit goes to Maryland’s line (which did improve a bit) and how much goes to Chris Turner. Sewell, by the way, has been sacked 24 times this season.

3. Torrey Smith will surpass Darrius Heyward-Bey’s production from last year.

INCORRECT, by a lot —- Smith managed 34 receiving yards (he needed 90 to match DHB, circa 2008), and Virginia wisely kicked off as far away from him as it could. Smith didn’t have a kickoff return, leading to easily his worst all-purpose day of the season.

4. Maryland will be held to less than 100 yards [rushing] for the fourth straight game.

INCORRECT —- That was originally meant to say rushing, and the explainer from this morning made it clear. Nonetheless, the Terps did roll up 126 yards on 33 carries —- 3.8 yards a rush. A bunch of backs got turns, and all of them either fumbled or tripped at some point. But at least they found some holes

5. Both teams lead at some point in the fourth quarter.

INCORRECT —- Maryland couldn’t completely recover once it fell behind in the third quarter. The Terps missed two field goals that, put together, would have given them the lead. But Virginia led for the final 16:43 of the night.

—- Patrick Stevens