The Washington Times - October 18, 2009, 10:53PM

When there’s three platforms (Twitter, dead-tree, blog) to place every last shred of news, sometimes one of them gets forgotten about.

So I thought I’d done this post hours ago. Turns out I didn’t.


In any case, some nuts and bolts I’ll expand on tomorrow on the blog:

* Linebacker Demetrius Hartsfield underwent surgery on his broken wrist this morning. There was more damage than originally thought, and that will put him out four weeks (three games).

* Left guard Bennett Fulper has a shoulder surgery —- Ralph thinks it might be labrum tear that isn’t popping up on an MRI exam. It limited Fulper to two plays on Saturday, and it is likely he’ll miss Saturday’s game at Duke.

* Tailback Gary Douglas is sore after suffering a shoulder injury, and he’ll be questionable for this week.

* Punter Travis Baltz (ankle) held kicks on Saturday and is expected to resume his full-time duties at Duke.

* Wideout Kerry Boykins had a bruised hand, perhaps the partial cause of his rough day —- notably with the drop in the fourth quarter.

Think that’s it. There’s certainly some stuff to expand on when the opportunity presents itself in the morning.

—- Patrick Stevens