The Washington Times - October 18, 2009, 06:53PM

Lost amid yesterday’s dreary setting —- seriously, I was waiting for someone to invoke that great Simpsons line “Get off me moor, ye wee ‘uns” —- was the one-snap cameo of football’s favorite fad.

That’s right. The Wildcat.


Three plays into the day, Torrey Smith took a direct snap (something that didn’t seem imminent less than a month ago). He was stopped for no gain. And that was that.

So was it simply forgotten about? Almost accidental it showed up in the first place. Or did the lack of success the first time mean the Wild Turtle was going to go all Armin Tamzarian and never be spoken of again.

Here’s coach Ralph Friedgen‘s take:

“We really wanted to do a little bit with it, but the timing wasn’t right,” Friedgen said. “I think James [Franklin] got away from it. I’m trying to see what we can do to get him more in the mix … We want to see if we can get something [and] maybe we’ll build on it. We’ll have to get with James on that.”

Will it re-appear? Who knows. But at this point, the Terps should be open to using anything in their limited arsenal, even if it didn’t work that great the first time.

—- Patrick Stevens