The Washington Times - October 20, 2009, 01:45PM

Very quick hitter here on Maryland’s quarterback situation.

Sunday, Ralph Friedgen said he’d consider using Jamarr Robinson and Danny O’Brien if the Terps (2-5) continue to struggle. Today, he clarified his comments on starter Chris Turner.


“I’m going to talk to Chris,” Friedgen said. “I think he misconstrued some of the things I said on [Sunday] night. I don’t know if that’s the case or not. I thiught he came out and practiced fine last night. I think there’s some throws Chris could have made, but there’s some throws that were really crucial and we didn’t catch them that could have changed the game. So when he still had to have it, he had it. They were tougher throws than the ones he missed. Sometimes guys have to make plays for guys. It works both ways. I’m not down on Chris at all. I think he’s one of our leaders and one  of our captains and he’s made a tremendous contribution to this football program in the time he’s been here. My answer to that question was more in reference to if we don’t continue to do well, obviously I have to look to the future. It wasn’t any disrespect toward Chris.”

Which basically means that, for now anyway, Turner will remain the guy for Maryland

“I don’t know if that’s —- we’re going to do what we have to do to win games right now. we’re focusing on Duke,” Friedgen said. “We’re not disenchanted with Chris. If we don’t start doing better, I think it’s a thing where you have to look at next year. But right now, Im focusing on beating Duke. Chris is a very big, important part of that, but so is Jamarr. Right now, I think we’re planning on holding Danny unless we really wanted to see where we were at with Jamarr.”

—- Patrick Stevens