The Washington Times - October 23, 2009, 02:51PM

Just got around to transcribing this gem from Ralph Friedgen yesterday, during which the frustrations of Maryland’s 2-5 start came out in full force.

It started off innocently —- talking about having Nick Klemm and Justin Lewis and R.J. Dill into his office separately —- but soon enough it veered off into a somewhat comedic (but very serious) rundown of everything that’s happened to date.


One thing clearly starting to wear on Friedgen is the disproportionate number of defensive touchdowns going against the Terps. More to the point, Maryland’s defense hasn’t scored in 40 games.

Time to let Friedgen take over, since he was mostly uninterrupted during this extended speech beyond a few snickers from reporters. …

“My right side is all freshmen on the offensive line. But you know, no one really gives a damn. We have to go coach them up. You know, when you really think about this and you look at it logically, we’re losing games because we’re turning the ball over, but we’re playing these teams —- and even Duke is a senior team —- with freshmen and hanging in there with them.

“If we don’t turn the ball over, we’ll win these games. And then everything is going to be looking a whole lot different than it does right now. But when I sit back and say ‘We’re making progress. Maybe we’ll have a game where we don’t have any turnovers and I’ll pass out.’

“It really would. God, give us a damn chance. I lost it this week because we had a damn turnover. I just —- I’m getting to the point where if I’m watching tape of somebody else and they fumble, this electric shock shoots up my back. When they threw the interception for the touchdown I just screamed out loud ‘Nooooooooooooooooo!’ You laugh. It ain’t damn funny. It kills me.

“Why can’t we tip a ball and have it fall into our defensive guy’s hands? Why can’t that happen for us? When’s it going to change? I’ve been rolling craps for a long time here. It’s time it turns around somewhere here.”

We’ll see if it does tomorrow. But rest assured, part of my Friday evening will be spent figuring out just where the Terps stack up in a dearth of defensive scoring.

—- Patrick Stevens