The Washington Times - October 23, 2009, 09:41PM

The things you find out about the players you cover …

You know, like the missed marketing opportunities when you find out someone can do a spot-on impression of an actor-turned-governor.


That someone would be fullback Cory Jackson, who was wearing a “Juggernaut” t-shirt in the team house this week. So the discussion turned to the X-Men, and eventually on to another action movie dynamo.

“Whenever we’re in the goal line, I’m always good at doing the Arnold voice,” Jackson said.

This, of course, had to be tested, and Jackson happily obliged.

“It’s craaaaunch time,” he bellowed.

Seriously. It was like being transported to Sacramento. Completely spot on. And anyone with an affinity for accurate vocal impressions would want to know more.

“My freshman year, we started that,” Jackson said. “It just got a lot of laughs out of the guys.”

No wonder, considering Jackson isn’t confined to three words in Arnold-ese.

“Do eet now!” Jackson offered. “Taaauchdown! Caahhm ahnn Tehrrapins.”

This naturally begs the question of whether the West Virginia native has any Austrian roots.

“I’ve got Hungarian, German,” Jackson said. “That’s in the same area, kind of. No Austrian.”

In any case, it’s a safe bet this would have been video board gold, at least occasionally.

If Maryland reached the end zone, Jackson/Arnold could yell “Ah’ll be baahck.”

Or, when the defense pulls off a goal line stand, there’d be a chance for “It’s not a taauchdown.”

A few clips like that would have made Jackson a marketing juggernaut. Too bad he only has two home games left in his career.

—- Patrick Stevens