The Washington Times - October 24, 2009, 08:21PM

DURHAM, N.C. —- A little thought to consider for the night about the 2-6 Maryland football team.

The Terps trotted out an offensive line featuring (from left to right) Bruce Campbell, Paul Pinegar, Phil Costa, Justin Lewis and R.J. Dill today.


That’s the sixth different starting combination the Terps have used in eight games.

There’s been Campbell-Lamar Young-Costa-Andrew Gonnella-Pinegar (twice).

And Pinegar-Fulper-Costa-Gonnella-Dill (twice).

And Campbell-Maurice Hampton-Costa-Fulper-Pinegar.

And Pinegar-Young-Costa-Gonnella-Dill.

And Campbell-Fulper-Costa-Lewis-Pinegar.

While it’s no secret the Terps’ offensive line has struggled, an utter lack of continuity has sabotaged any possibility of a sort of consistent improvement.

Plenty of injuries have contributed to Maryland’s problems (as have turnovers and talent discrepencies).

But at this stage, the o-line should be better. The absence of continuity has ensured that improvement hasn’t been as large as the Terps would have hoped.

—- Patrick Stevens