The Washington Times - October 24, 2009, 07:10AM

Some musings on this afternoon’s Maryland-Duke game while waiting for the boarding process to start at BWI …

1. It’ll be boom-or-bust for the Maryland defense. And quite possibly a little of both. The Terps will get their sacks (at least three) and Duke will get its points (at least 28). The key might just be forcing a few turnovers for a change, something that won’t be easy to force Thaddeus Lewis into. In that vein …


2. Thaddeus Lewis will throw for 300+ yards. Duke won’t bother with the run for much of the day, although Desmond Scott could be in for a sneakily solid day as a change of pace option. For the most part, though, the Blue Devils will rely on their veteran quarterback for most of their offense, as is usually the case.

3. Caleb Porzel will start —- or at least carry a significant portion of the load. Here’s the thinking behind starting Porzel. He’s faster than anything else Maryland has. His redshirt is already gone, so it’s time to start using him more. And he hasn’t fumbled yet. Just a hunch, but this might be a day we see a whole lot of the electric freshman. That includes on kickoff returns, where he would be a fine complement to Torrey Smith as a second (relatively) deep man.

4. Chris Turner’s in for a bounceback day. Turner rarely struggles in back-to-back games, and the potential for a big day for Lewis means Turner might be trying to match the Duke offense for much of the afternoon. The whole “will-he-remain-the-quarterback” mini-furor will be temporarily put to rest as Turner throws for 270+ yards and at least two touchdowns.

5. No new true freshmen will play. There’s been a steady drip-drip-drip of true freshmen making their debuts this month, from Ryan Donahue against Clemson to Caleb Porzel at Wake Forest to Justin Anderson last week against Virginia. The most likely candidate to become the 10th true freshman to see the field? D.J. Adams, but with Morgan Green also on the trip it would be a surprise if Adams gets to play.

—- Patrick Stevens