The Washington Times - October 29, 2009, 08:44AM

Well, Maryland isn’t a top-25 team according the first coaches’ poll of the season.

The Terps are 26th, on the cusp of chasing down the likes of Louisville and Clemson.


And, really, that’s about the right ballpark for Maryland. The Terps were 23rd on your friendly neighborhood blogger’s AP ballot. They’ll probably land somewhere in the 20s when the AP releases its preseason poll later in the week.

The three teams that are fascinating are Mississippi State, Georgia Tech and Georgetown, all in a row between 19th and 21st.

Mississippi State could be a frightening team. Or, Renardo Sidney never gets eligible and they’re merely the class of a meek SEC West.

Georgia Tech has three losing seasons in four years. Yes, Gani Lawal and Derrick Favors will make for a formidable frontcourt. But it’s probably best to let the Yellow Jackets earn their ranking instead of anointing them as the ACC’s best non-Triangle team.

Georgetown was a massive flop in the big, bad Big East last year. The tide of great teams receded, and the Hoyas are left with Greg Monroe and Chris Wright —- but only a little evidence they can be a legitimate nationally ranked team. So perhaps Georgetown should have to earn its way back (and it can with early dates with Butler and Washington).

Not much else stands out. Not sure if Southern California really warrants 22 points after the Trojans’ attrition/coaching change/more attrition, but that’s buried in the “others receiving votes” section and not worth too much attention.

More to come —- football and basketball —- as the day unfolds.

—- Patrick Stevens